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Wednesday, September 20th 2006

5:42 PM

A Call For Volunteers With A Creative Bent

Greetings Readers:

I've taken a few days off after witnessing John Hall's DAZZING campaign to win the Democratic nod to take on, and DEFEAT Tom DeLay toy girl Sue Kelly.  However, with the fall election getting into full stride, it is time for me to get to work in playing my SMALL PART in seeing her getting a one way ticket back to Katonah...that is where you can come in.

I am looking for some creative souls who want to plug into the elections in their OWN WAYS, who want to put out their own messages.  My idea is to find several creative souls, computers geeks and video folks to put up our own commercials with our own ideas up on YouTube during this election cycle. 

Think about it...a video camera, some computer software and someone that knows how to put it all together, and WALLA instant political statement ready for PRIME TIME on You Tube without spending a dime, and without being tied into the restrictions placed on you by becoming a PAC...just a few ctizens taking our sledge hammers and hitting Sue Kelly iin the knee caps.  I'll even toss in a bottle of wine while we all put it together!

I have a couple of ideas for commercials already, and sure others reading this have their own.  I have two video cameras, three digital cameras, and a computer....my skills of manipulating images, or editing video is NOT SO HOT. 

If this sounds like something for you, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP...time is....well, maybe VOTES!

email me at yardwhisperer@aol.com

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Thursday, September 14th 2006

8:00 AM

John Hall Slam Dunks Competition in Tuesday's Primary...Bring On Sue Kelly

Tuesday was a BIG DAY for Democrats in the 19th Congressional District here in New York, and their voice has been heard LOUD AND CLEAR....John Hall is the standard bearer of choice to dethrone the Tom De Lay Republican Sue Kelly, and become our next Congressman.

John Hall had what it took to win a very convincing win, winning almost twice as many votes as his closest competitor Judy Aydelott who carried only 25 percent of the vote!  The other two candidates in the pool of four were not even close, with Rigger garnering a dissappointing seven percent of the votes.  With high voter turnout for a primary, John Hall not only won, but by WIDE MARGINS, and this convincing win should UNITE THE PARTY as the sprint for the finish line in November fast approaches.

Over 150 John Hall volunteers were every where Tuesday, working phones up till the very last minute, others out at the polling stations, or putting out last minute Campaign Signs where they were needed...in short, the staff of the John Hall campaign had their foot soldiers (the volunteers) ready, organized, and ENERGIZED, and it showed.

After taking the day off yesterday, you can bet that the staffers at John Hall's campaign office are already hard at work as Democrats prepare TO TAKE BACK CONGRESS, with John Hall leading the charge.

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Friday, September 8th 2006

4:11 PM

More Endorsements For John Hall as He STEAM ROLLS Towards TUESDAY's Primary Election

As his oppenents fumble, bumble and stumble towards their final resting places this upcoming Tuesday, September 12th, 2006, John Hall's FABULOUS Campaign just keeps steam rolling along to his coronation as the Democratic chosen to take on Sue Kelly in this fall's Mid Term elections.

Here is the John Hall Campaign's LATEST PRESS RELEASE:

BEACON, NY - Congressional candidate John hall is in high gear as he approaches the last weekend before the September 12 primary.

Yesterday he rallied with health care workers all across Orange County in a special tour hosted by 1199 SEIU. Two prominent stops were at Arden Hill Hospital in Goshen an Elant @ Newburgh, a nursing home.

Along the way Hall stopped at the headquarters of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local Union 445 and recieved their endorsement. Douglas McCauley, secretary-treasurer of Local 445, said at a rally of workers and supporters: "John Hall is  a man of integrity. He is a man our members can trust to represent their interests, and will stand up and speak on behalf of the workers and their families."

Today Hall will be talking with voters and supporters at the Yorktown Grange Fair at Noon and then at a 7:30 pm rally in Goldens Bridge spnsored by the Lewisboro Democratic Committee.

Later this afternoon Hall will traveling to Manhattan for a taping of "The Montel Williams Show," on which he'll appear as a guest.

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Thursday, September 7th 2006

7:46 PM

John Hall...Let's Give Him A Helping HAND

Campaigns COST MONEY, and taking on Sue Kelly in our 19th Congressional District is going to TAKE A LOT OF MONEY...she has over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in her War Chest.  As we approach next Tuesdays primary, the John Hall Campaign is trying to raise $20,000 in his Voter Mobilization Campaign.  Right now, he's HALF WAY THERE, and it is my hope, that some of you will help in getting him over the top....read his email message below.

John Hall for Congress 


Time is running out. Only 32 hours left until our Sept. 8 fundraising deadline. And just five days until the primary, when voters will be given a crucial choice about the future. Do we stay the same course and do nothing, or do we stand up for a new direction? I say we stand up, and get out the vote for Democrats this year.

Now, it's up to you. We have raised over half of our $20k "voter mobilization" goal. Can you help me finish the job?

Between now and election day, I am hitting the campaign trail in a whirlwind tour that will take me from small villages to large towns across the district. With hundreds of dedicated volunteers by my side, we are making our way to rallies, community events and voters' front doors. The mood is electric. Voters are ready for change, and they're lining up behind me because they know I'm the strong Democrat who can win in November.

All this activity costs money. Printing, postage, gas, phone calls and canvassing across the miles will add up substantially. So we're asking for your help.

Help us hit our $20k goal by midnight Friday.

We need to wake up Saturday morning and start our GOT VOTES mobilization campaign with the confidence and funding to win in a landslide. So please, give as generously as you can -- $50, $75, $100 or more. We pledge to make every dollar count in getting to the finish line. With you support, I know we can make it.

Many, many thanks,

John Hall

johnhallforcongress.com Donate Volunteer Get News

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Wednesday, September 6th 2006

7:29 PM

Meet John Hall This Friday in Golden's Bridge!

This is a MUST ATTEND event for any and all UNDECIDED voters in the 19th District!

John Hall for Congress 

Dear Westchester County Democrats --

Come meet John Hall, the leading Democratic candidate for Congress, this Friday at a rally in northern Westchester. 

John will be speaking candidly on the issues and taking questions from voters like you, in anticipation of the Sept. 12 Democratic primary. This event is open to the public; feel free to invite your friends and family who haven't met John yet.

Refreshments will be served.

When: Friday, Sept. 8, 7:30 pm

Where: The Barn, at 11 Hall Ave, in Goldens Bridge

Directions: Take Route 138 to Pond St. Once on Pond St., take first left onto Hall Ave. The Barn is 100 yards further on the left. Arrive early for good parking. (Visit our site for map & directions)

RSVP / More Info: Nedda Schoenfeld, 914-232-4265, info@lewisborodemocrats.org


Hope to see you there!

Amy Little
Campaign Manager

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Wednesday, September 6th 2006

5:25 PM

Republicans Kill Move To Sanction Donald Rumsfeld

For those of you following my blog, I am controversial.  On CNN right now, Senator Barbara Boxer is announcing that Republicans killed the Democratic attempts to sanction Donald Rumsfeld, and call for his resignation on a procedural technicality. I am not happy, and share with you this post I wrote on another one of my blogs...I think it does a GREAT job of showing why it is that Rumsfeld should be fired, why it is that the Republicans need swept out of office.

Wednesday, September 6th 2006

4:35 PM

Rumsfeld's Moral And Mental Confusion

Last week Rumsfeld made news all around the world with his ATTACKS on those who question the war in Iraq...in no uncertain terms, he labeled people such as myself as appeasers of Islamofascists. For those who have read my blog, that statement is so far from the truth it's hysterical.  I would challenge Rumsfeld's contention, and state that HE IS THE ONE WHO IS mentally and morally CONFUSED.  His and George Bush's WRONG WAR in Iraq is a dismal failure, and Rumsfeld should be fired.  For those who have short memories, allow me to make my case for the firing of the DUMB DONALD.

2002-Rumsfeld claims it will be a SHORT WAR with this statement:

"The Idea That It's Going to Be A Long, Long, Battle Is Belied by What Happened in 1990." 11/14/02

2002-Rumsfeld also claims that Iraqi's would sing and fly kites when liberated:

"Think of the faces in Afghanistan when the people were liberated, when they moved out in the streets and they started singing and flying kites and women went to school and people were able to function and other countries were able to start interacting with them. That's what would happen in Iraq." 9/13/02

So far, two predictions, both WAY OFF BASE, unless Rumsfeld wants to count citizens skirting around IED's as some kind of a dance of celebration?  Let's continue.

2003-Rumsfeld states that on the outside, the war could last six months, though he was FAR MORE OPTIMISTIC:

..."it is not knowable if force will be used, but if it is to be used, it is not knowable how long that conflict would last. It could last, you know, six days, six weeks. I doubt six months." 2/7/03

As of today, over 2600 fine young American men and women have died in Rumsfeld's SIX MONTH WAR, and the number of troops in theatre in the desert sands is UP, not DOWN. Further, 19,323 additional troops have been SEVERELY maimed and/or injured since the start of the war. [www.icasualties.org, accessed 8/30/06]

Further, let's not forget INVOLUNTARY CAll Ups, and Stop-Loss Orders which keep soldiers on active duty even after they have FULFILLED their contractual duties!

 "The Marine Corps said Tuesday that it would begin calling Marines back to active-duty service on an involuntary basis to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan -- the latest sign that the American force is under strain... the Iraq war has forced the Army, and now the Marines, to rely on the ready reserve to fill holes in the combat force." The call-ups were approved by President Bush. [Los Angeles Times, 8/23/06; Reuters, 8/22/06]

 "For much of the conflict, the Army also has had to use "stop-loss orders" -- which keep soldiers in their units even after their active-duty commitments are complete -- as well as involuntary call-ups of its reservists. Both actions have been criticized as a "back-door draft" and are unpopular with service members, many of whom say they have already done their part." [Los Angeles Times, 8/23/06]

Morally and mentally BANKRUPT!  Rumsfeld is a dismal failure, the information above enough to see him fired and sent packing.  However; let's continue exploring his litany of mistakes, mishaps and OUT RIGHT LIES.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and Donald Rumsfeld would just as soon see ALL AMERICANS forget about the Weapons of Mass Destruction we were told existed in Saddam's MIGHTY ARSENAL...in hindsight, how could Rumsfeld be worried about WMD's while at the same time predicting a SHORT WAR?  The Dumb Donald not only told us Saddam had WMD's, but stated, "WE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!"

2002: Rumsfeld Said Only Conclusion Possible Was That Iraq Was Accelerating WMD Programs. Rumsfeld told the House Armed Services Committee in 2002, "Knowing what we know about Iraq's history, no conclusion is possible except that they have and are accelerating their WMD programs." [House Armed Services Committee Hearing, 9/17/02]

2003: Rumsfeld Said "We Know Where" The WMD Are. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, when asked why the military had not found Iraq's weapons of mass destruction yet, Rumsfeld said, "We know where [the WMD] are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat." [ABC, 3/30/03]

We now know that George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld COOKED THE INTELLIGENCE, that they knew there were no WMD's.  It's bad enough that Donald Rumsfeld was WRONG, but I will go to my grave believing he KNEW he was wrong, and just did not care.

2001 CIA Report Said Iraq Was Not Reconstituting WMD Programs. According to an unclassified CIA report sent to Congress in February 2001, Iraq was not reconstituting its WMD programs. The report explicitly said, "We do not have any direct evidence that Iraq has used the period since Desert Fox to reconstitute its WMD programs..." [Defense Daily, 2/27/01]

Rumsfeld Says That "It Turns Out" There Were No Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Rumsfeld stated that "It turns out that we have not found weapons of mass destruction." [AP 10/4/04]

The current calls for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation are not the first, yet George Bush seems content to "Stand by his man" in some sick Washington DC remake of Broke Back Mountain, and it is OUR TROOPS who are paying the price of Rumsfeld's stupidity with their blood.  Any compassionate, sane person would send Rumsfeld packing, the above trail of failed strategies in the Iraq War enough to see Donald handed a pink slip, but sadly, there is even more. 

Though George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld would have us believe we have enough troops on the ground, there were several GENERALS who tried to convince Rumsfeld that more troops would be needed.  Unfortunately for our troops, he was CONVINCED he could fight the war on the cheap, and we now know that America never had enough boots on the ground in Iraq to SECURE THE PEACE.

Bremer Said "We Never Had Enough Troops" In Iraq. Bremer: "We paid a big price for not stopping it because it established an atmosphere of lawlessness," he said in a speech at an insurance conference in West Virginia. "We never had enough troops on the ground." [Washington Post, 10/5/04]

Pengaton Official: Rumsfeld Not Interested In Any Requests For More Troops. "The Pentagon official said Abizaid, who is regarded as more independent than his predecessor, Gen. Tommy Franks, has been repeatedly discouraged from asking for more soldiers because President Bush has publicly pledged to bring 25,000 troops home from Iraq before the November elections. 'Rumsfeld has made it clear to the whole building that he wasn't interested in getting any requests for more troops,' the Pentagon official said." Rumsfeld repeatedly said he thought no increase in end-strength was needed. [Seattle Times, 4/13/04; Weekly Standard, 1/17/05]

Rumsfeld And Wolfowitz Scoffed At Chief Of Staff's Troop Level Estimate. Both Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz took exception with an estimate for postwar troop requirements from Gen. Eric K. Shinseki, the Army's chief of staff. Shinseki told the Senate Armed Services Committee that "something on the order of several hundred thousand soldiers" could be necessary. Rumsfeld, speaking to reporters yesterday at the Pentagon, said he believed Shinseki's estimate "will prove to be high," but declined to say by how much. Wolfowitz was far more blunt in testimony Thursday before the House Budget Committee when asked to comment on Shinseki's estimate. "Way off the mark," he said. [Washington Post, 3/1/03]

How many of our fine fighting men and women have needlessly DIED because of inadequate troop strength in Iraq?  How many HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of our tax dollars have been wasted on this FAILED WAR PLAN?  Now, both Bush and Rumsfeld would have us believe we are making progress in Iraq, and that the country is not swirling down into a civil war...Rumsfeld has been quoted as late as August of this year denying a civil war is taking place in Iraq, though even today leaders of Iraq stated they have three maybe four months to keep the entire nation from imploding.

Rumsfeld Says There Is Violence, But No Civil War. When asked whether Iraq was fighting a civil war, Rumsfeld said, "There's no question there's a high level of sectarian violence...[which is] a shame...But it -- the people who look at it contend that they're not in it, and the government of Iraq says they're not in a civil war..." [Department of Defense News Briefing, 8/22/06]

Rumsfeld Agrees With Cheney That The Insurgency Is In Its Last Throes. When asked if he agreed with Cheney's assessment that the insurgency is in its "last throes" Rumsfeld replied that "last throes could be violent last throes just as well as placid or calm . . . look it up in the dictionary." While backing away from the implication of Cheney's comments that Iraq is getting safer, Rumsfeld continued to toe the party line by agreeing that the insurgency is in some form of "last throes." [Fox News Sunday, 6/26/05]

Despite Bush's ROSY REPORTS about winning the war on terror, despite Rumsfeld contention there is no civil war in Iraq, the EXPERTS disagree, which should be of no surprise.

Administration's Failure To Plan For Post-War Iraq Aided Insurgency. The Bush Administration's failure to plan adequately for the postwar period has been well documented. The Pentagon, for example, ignored extensive State Department studies of how to achieve stability after an invasion, administer a postwar government and rebuild the country. And Administration officials have acknowledged the mistake of dismantling the Iraqi army and canceling pensions to its veteran officers -- which many say hindered security, enhanced anti-U.S. feeling and aided what would later become a violent insurgency. [Washington Post, 6/12/05]

Generals Raised Fears Of Iraq Civil War. In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on August 3, 2006, Generals Abizaid and Pace both expressed fears that Iraq was headed towards a civil war. Responding to questions about escalations in violence in recent weeks, General John Abizaid admitted that "Iraq could move toward civil war." He described the sectarian violence as "probably as bad as I have seen it " Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff concurred with Abizaid's assessment that Iraq was in danger of civil war on its current path. Pace said at the hearing, "We do have the possibility of that devolving into civil war." While Pace indicated that he did not see this path developing one year ago, Abizaid admitted that the trend has been consistent, saying that it was obvious one year ago that sectarian violence was on the rise. [AP, 8/3/06]

Former Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Said Iraq Was In Civil War. Iyad Allawi former Interim Iraqi Prime Minister and leader of the Iraqi National List a secular nationalist party made up of Sunnis and Shiites said that Iraq was already in a civil war. Allawi said, "It is unfortunate that we are in civil war. We are losing each day as an average 50 to 60 people throughout the country, if not more. If this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is." [BBC, 3/19/06]

Experts Say Iraq Has Been In A Civil War Since 2004. "'By the standard that political scientists use, there's been a civil war going on in Iraq since sovereignty was handed over to the interim government in 2004, said Stanford University's James Fearon...American military analyst Stephen Biddle says U.S. policy-makers make a mistake if they 'miss the nature of the conflict, which in Iraq is already a civil war between rival ethnic and sectarian groups.'" [AP, 3/15/06; Los Angeles Times, 2/25/06; Washington Times, 3/15/06]

Bush is appearing on an almost daily basis with a new speech on the WAR ON TERROR.  He would have you believe that WE ARE WINNING, but that we cannot give up the fight.  He wants to label Democrats as the CUT AND RUN party in the hopes that he and his Republican cronies can steal ONE LAST ELECTION.  Don't buy into the lies, realize that the WRONG WAR IN IRAQ is NOT THE WAR ON TERROR.   Neither Bush nor Rumsfeld expected the kind of resistence they have come up against in Iraq.  In fact, Rumsfeld was SO COCKY, he scarcely planned for the war.

Joint Chiefs Report: Planning Process Flawed And Rushed. In August 2003, the Joint Chiefs of Staff prepared a report assessing the post-war planning for Iraq. The report blamed "setbacks in Iraq on a flawed and rushed war-planning process." It also said "planners were not given enough time" to plan for reconstruction. [Washington Times, 9/3/03]

Generals Admit Bush Administration Never Had Concrete Plan for Post-War Iraq. Bush administration officials and military personnel admitted that there was never a real plan for post-war Iraq operations. Posed with the question of whether the Army had an outlined plan for peacekeeping in Iraq, V Corps Commander Lt. Gen. William Wallace said "Well, we're making this up here as we go along." A former-senior administration official said, "There was no real planning for postwar Iraq." Knight Ridder reported, "The disenchanted U.S. officials today think the failure of the Pentagon civilians to develop such detailed plans contributed to the chaos in post-Saddam Iraq. 'We could have done so much better,' lamented a former senior Pentagon official, who is still a Defense Department adviser." [Newsweek, 7/21/03; Knight Ridder, 7/12/03]

Administration's Failure To Plan Well Documented. The Bush administration's failure to plan adequately for the postwar period has been well documented. The Pentagon, for example, ignored extensive State Department studies of how to achieve stability after an invasion, administer a postwar government and rebuild the country. And administration officials have acknowledged the mistake of dismantling the Iraqi army and canceling pensions to its veteran officers -- which many say hindered security, enhanced anti-U.S. feeling and aided what would later become a violent insurgency. [Washington Post, 6/12/05]

In short, America's FINEST were sent into the desert sands on what can only be described as a whim!  Sending troops into war should ALWAYS BE THE LAST RESORT, and when you send them into war, you had best have a carefully drawn out plan for the war, and it's AFTERMATH! Some of my friends paint me out as a radical liberal for calling for President Bush's impeachment...I on the other hand believe it's the only RIGHT THING TO DO if we truly honor the sacrifices of our fighting men and women.

Lastly, the proverbial final nail in Rumsfeld's coffin should be this...he sent our young men and women into war with inadequate equipment!

Soldiers Not Given Body Armor Needed. Over year after the beginning of the Iraq war soldiers being deployed to Iraq were still buying their own body armor. Responding to pressure from Senators, the Administration then sent soldiers to war with body armor they knew had failed ballistics tests, leading to a recall of more than 5000 armored vests in May 2005. [Periscope Daily Defense News, 5/11/05;AP, 3/26/04; FNS, Hearing of the Defense Subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee, 5/12/04; Marine Corps Times, 5/9/05]

Army Study Suggests One-Fourth of Deaths in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented If Troops Were Properly-Equipped at Beginning of War. Newsweek reported that many U.S. deaths and wounds in Iraq simply did not need to occur. According to an unofficial study by a defense consultant, as of April 15, 2004, perhaps one in four of those killed in combat in Iraq might be alive if they had had stronger armor around them. Almost all those soldiers were killed while in unprotected vehicles. Thousands more who were unprotected have suffered grievous wounds, such as the loss of limbs. [Newsweek, 5/3/04]

Rumsfeld Dismissed Shortage Of Armored Humvees, Told Troops To Go To War With What You Have. One soldier asked Rumsfeld why their combat vehicles were not properly armed. "We're digging pieces of rusted scrap metal and compromised ballistic glass that's already been shot up, drop, busted, picking the best out of this scrap to put in our vehicles to take into combat," he said. "You go to the war with the Army you have," Rumsfeld responded. "Not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later date." The response struck many military families as callous. [UPI, 12/9/04; CNN, 12/9/04]

If you are reading this, if you are a true American Patriot, you need to write George Bush, and your elected officials in Washington, DC demanding the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.

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Tuesday, September 5th 2006

7:11 PM

Ben Shuldiner IGNORING Duties as Principal?

So, Ben Shuldiner had a VISION...GEE, I think I'll run for Congress!

Now, keep in mind, that this man also BRAGS about HIS HIGH SCHOOL in  BROOKLYN, NY.  Now, I do not know if he has been being PAID his principal's salary while he persues his folly (seen his latest campaign finance report?), but do find myself wondering if he is IGNORING his students, and his duty to them and the high school while he persues this ill fated quest of his.  What makes me wonder, is my visit to his Web Page for said high school...THERE IS NOTHING THERE, and that DOES NOT REFLECT WELL ON HIM.  Perhaps it is time he puts his efforts where they rightly belong...with the High School he is charged with RUNNING.

You can check out his PATHETIC WEB PRESENSE here:



Ben Shuldiner, PRINCIPAL

Phone: 718-467-7400


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Tuesday, September 5th 2006

5:48 PM

Meet John Hall at Sue Kelly's PORK BARREL Stewart Airport

Calling all NEWS MEDIA TYPES...meet and speak with John Hall tomorrow at Stewart Airport...you know, the first of it's kind PRIVATIZED airport that Sue Kelly LOVES TO THROW MONEY AT!  This blogger for one would like to know if Sue Kelly's husband holds a financial interest in said airport, or it's parent company over in the UK.


Congressional candidate John Hall will join state teachers, union leaders and students in criticizing the Bush Administration's No Child Left Behind policy on testing special education and ELL students

Where: Newburgh Free Academy campus at Stewart International Airport
Newburgh, NY

When: Wednesday, September 6 at 3:15 p.m.

Directions: Enter Stewart Airport from Route 207 (Breunig Rd.) Take first right onto D Street; follow D Street to the end. Take a left on First Street. Newburgh Free Academy is one block down on the right.

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Monday, September 4th 2006

1:00 PM

Fund Raising, Cash On Hand-Proof is in the FEC Pudding

Just as this blogger has been forecasting, John Hall is THE LEADING CANDIDATE to win the September 12th primary, and has what it takes to DEFEAT Sue Kelly.  When weighing candidates, you have to FOLLOW THE MONEY...people in the know ALWAYS put their money where their mouth is, and the latest reports into the FEC (Federal Elections Committee) tell us it is time for the other candidates to fold up their pup tents and get behind John Hall!

Let's take a look at what is there for all to see.


The Federal Election Commission requires a pre-primary filing for the period between July 1 and August 23.  The filing numbers for the Democrats are listed below and show that the John Hall campaign raised close to 4 times more than Judy Aydelott in this period.  This reflects the strong public support for John Hall in this race.

Pre-Primary FEC Filing:

Hall - 8/23 file gross raised: $194,413, cash on hand: $245,955

We need to DOUBLE, even TRIPLE this cash on hand, and we will.  However, sitting on close to A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS is a good start!  Let's give John Hall a standing ovation, and OUR SUPPORT.  RUN JOHN RUN

Aydelott - 8/23 file gross raised: $57,778, cash on hand: $152,061

This lady (I use the term VERY LOOSELY) had been on a down hill slide ever since she had to leave the safety and security of her beloved Katonah.  Face it, once Judy Aydelott has to leave the confines of her snooty and beloved Waccabuc Country Club (bigoted and questionable membership rules?), she is out of her element.  Considering her EARLY MONEY LEAD, her $152,000 is rapidly becoming a depreciating investment.

Shuldiner - 8/23 file gross raised: $11,763, cash on hand: $92,370

As has been said before, NEVER send a boy to do a mans job. 

Rigger No file (was due 8/31)

Not much to say here except, LOSER...he's even worse than the boy wonder.  On a personal note...this man did not even have the courtesy to return my phone call to discuss his stance and belief that we should LEGALIZE and GRANT AMNESTY to 20 Million Illegals.  We may need comprehensive immigration reform, but it has to come from a perspective of doing what is right for Americans first, and criminals second.

See you on election day, September 12, 2006 and November 7, 2006

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Monday, September 4th 2006

7:27 AM

Judy Aydelott is Sue Kelly CLONE...VOTERS BEWARE

Judy Aydelott...VOTERS BEWARE

Democrats go to the polls a week from tomorrow to choose who will represent them in efforts to unseat out of touch Congress Woman Sue Kelly, friend of business, lawyers and Katonah's large population of rich and elite citizens.  Judy Aydelott, the so called Democrat (Republican Light) would have you believe she is the RIGHT CHOICE, and I warn the voters of the 19th Congressional District to beware of this Sue Kelly Clone.

Setting aside the fact that Sue Kelly and Judy Aydelott are NEIGHBORS, lets look as some fo the very scary similarities between these two rich, elitist women.

Judy Aydelott on HEALTH CARE: I know first-hand the strain of not being able to afford health insurance. And I know the struggle of paying off medical bills that pile up in the absence of insurance.

Ask yourself...how can a woman living in Katonah in a house valued well in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS know first hand the strain of not being able to afford health insurance.  It's obvious, that like Sue Kelly, Judy Aydelott is NO STRANGER to plastic surgery, and it is doubtful that she has ever been without MAJOR MEDICAL COVERAGE.  Choosing victims who have cases she knows she can win, and taking one third of reward when the case is won does not qualify her as knowing what it is like to be without medical coverage, and in fact makes her a selfish, money crabbing ATTORNEY!   Her husband is ALSO AND ATTORNEY...do you really think she understands the plight of the hard working lower and middle class?  She's a Sue Kelly CLONE. 

These words were found on Judy Aydelott's web page...ease the burden on small businesses...sounds very much like SUE KELLY's war cry.  I want to ease the burdens on small businesses.  Surely it is no accident that we can find these words on her sight...is she is not a plant in this election, then she is WORSE...she is Katonah's attempt to make sure they OWN the 19th vote in Washington, DC politics.

At the end of the day there are fewer pennies left on the kitchen table. And like his father before him, President Bush likely doesn't know the cost of a gallon of milk.

So, Sue Kelly and George Bush don't know the cost of a gallon of milk, but Judy Aydelott would have you believe that she's well aware of the cost of a gallon of milk!  Come on, living in a home worth well in excess of one million dollars, and having two attorneys in the family, when do you think was the last time that Judy Aydelott worried about the cost of a gallon of milk, or for that matter, the cost of a gallon of gas.  Someone should ask her WHAT KIND OF CAR SHE DRIVES, ask her is she's friends with disgraced former county DA Jeanine Pirro.

Bedford Presbyterian Church’s-HELLO...Sue Kelly is Presbyterian, and so is one Judy Aydelott.  WAKE UP FOLKS!  Sue Kelly is a right wing Republican trying to pass herself off as a Democrat in the hopes that Katonah is guaranteed our vote in Washington, DC.  A vote for Judy Aydelott is a vote for the Republican Party.

Judy’s experience in the business world includes serving as a founder, incorporator and director of Country Bank, a NY-chartered commercial bank, with its first branch in Carmel and now with five additional branches in Westchester, the Bronx and New York counties. The law firm she founded with her husband, Aydelott & Aydelott, evolved into Westermann, Hamilton, Sheehy, Aydelott & Keenan of White Plains and Garden City, NY, where she remains a partner, though currently on leave.

Sue Kelly is a friend of BANKERS!  Look at her campaign contributions, and it is a who's who of the banking world...now we have Judy Aydelott running for Congress, and she not only is a FRIEND OF BANKERS, she FOUNDED A BANK!

Indeed, she wants to make it better, more honest, more responsive to the real needs of her longtime friends and neighbors in the 19th Congressional District.

The FINAL GIVEAWAY that Judy Aydelott is NOT WHO WE NEED.  The above words from her website state that she wants to BE MORE RESPONSIVE TO HER LONGTIME FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS in the 19th District....ask yourselves here folks...who are Judith Aydelott's LONGTIME FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS...they are the VERY SAME GROUP that are Sue Kelly's LONGTIME FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS!

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Sunday, September 3rd 2006

10:18 PM

Rigger Campaign is DEAD...Some Kick Him to Curb

Nto trying to be mean here, but we Democrats should be doing what is necessary to DEFEAT Sue Kelly, the vile and nefarious right wing Republican Bush puppet.  That means knowing when to call it quits, and rally around the BEST CANDIDATE.  Sadly, Rigger finds himself without a clue, unwilling to admit that his campaign is BURNT TOAST. 

Why do I say this you might ask?  Look to his own pathetic website, Rigger For Congress.  He has a link that says CLICK HERE for latest news...his latest news is almost THREE WEEKS OLD!  Hello Darren!  Do yourself, and the Democratic Party a favor, and RESIGN, you are a has been, and better cut out to be a BEHIND THE SCENES man.  The only reason for you and your high school principal pal to stay in the race, is if you are hoping to SPLIT THE VOTE, and allow little Ms. Republican Light to sneak through the back door, only to deliberately lose to Sue Kelly.


Click Here for the Latest News!!

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, September 12th.
Polls are open 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM

North County News
August 17, 2006


Rigger hopes to make history in Congress
Peekskill resident is first Hispanic to run for seat
By Adam Stone

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Sunday, September 3rd 2006

9:17 PM

Sue Kelly SUPPORTS the Bush "Stay The Course" policy...Just Say NO!

As we celebrate Labor Day, many Americans reflect on our nation, and those who have lost their lives in the support of our freedoms.  Royce Penstinger has a few posts on his site that remind us very vividly just what Bush's flawed policy in Iraq is costing America...I share one here, and hope you will visit the site and see the "Mom I am home" post he has on the site.  Stay the course is not working for us, will not work for us, and it is time for a change...a part of that change means sending Stay the Course congress woman Sue Kelly back home in November.


Stay the Course Mr. President?

Please take the time to at least browse these clippings, and ask yourselves...Stay the Course?  I'll let Republican words, George Bush's words do the convicting of their flawed and wrong policies...I only hope America will learn from our history since Bush took office, and do the RIGHT THING come this November...do not believe Bush and Rumsfeld when they try to paint us out as appeasers.

Stay the Course?

unidentified military personnel
source: New England Journal of Medicine
Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Bush vows to stay course in Iraq

FORT BRAGG, North Carolina (Reuters) - President George W. Bush, trying to tap into Independence Day patriotism to revive domestic support for an unpopular war, vowed on Tuesday that U.S. troops would not leave Iraq until their mission was complete...

"Setting an artificial timetable would be a terrible mistake," Bush told more than 3,000 military personnel in a speech interrupted repeatedly by cheers at the home of the storied 82nd Airborne Division and U.S. Army Special Operations Command.
Stay the Course on North Korea

ISIS Policy Brief
By Holly Higgins, Research Analyst
March 7, 2001

The Bush administration has been noticeably silent on where it intends to go with North Korean policy, and this has caused unwelcome anxiety for key U.S. allies in the region. Although the Bush administration has urged patience, time is growing short. While Bush deserves adequate time to structure his own agenda for North Korea, he should ultimately emphasize to U.S. allies that he will stay the course on North Korea. A major disruption in current policy could cause severe damage to the region and to U.S. national interests.


March 12, 2003 - The President should “make clear to the Congress, to the American people, and to the people of Iraq that the United States will stay the course” after a war in Iraq, concludes the Council-sponsored Independent Task Force, Iraq: the Day After. Post-war stabilization and reconstruction could cost up to $20 billion a year for several years, and American public support is critical to sustaining that commitment.


Stay What Course?
After 2,000 deaths, muddling through is no longer an option

At the start of the Iraq War two and a half years ago, President Bush declared that American troops would stay in Iraq "as long as necessary, and not a day more." How long that would be wasn't clear then, and it isn't any clearer today. During recent congressional testimony, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was asked, "Do you think five years from now some American forces will have come out?" She replied, "I don't want to speculate." Then a softer version of the same question: "What about 10 years from now?" After some brief wrangling, Rice replied, "I don't know how to speculate about what will happen 10 years from now."


Bush vows to "stay the course" on anti-terror war

Amid growing public skepticism on the Iraq war, US President George W. Bush vowed on Wednesday to "stay on the course" on the anti-terrorism war as long as he is president.

"So long as I am president we will stay, we will fight and we will win the war on terrorism," Bush said in a speech in Nampa, Idaho, to members of the Idaho National Guard and their families. _____________________________________________________

December 27, 2004

'Stay the Course!' – Is Not Enough

by Patrick J. Buchanan
by Patrick J. Buchana

In the aftermath of the suicide bombing of the Mosul mess hall, we are being admonished anew we must stay the course in Iraq. But "Stay the course!" is no longer enough.

President Bush needs to go on national television and tell us the unvarnished truth. Why are we still there? For some of Bush's countrymen, there is a sense of having been had, of having been made victim to one of the great bait-and-switches in the history of warfare.

The president, his War Cabinet and the neocon punditocracy sold us on this war by implying Saddam was implicated in 9-11, that he had a vast arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, that he was working on an atom bomb, that he would transfer his terror weapons to Al Qaeda. We had to invade, destroy and disarm his axis-of-evil regime. Only thus could we be secure.

None of this was true. But the president won that debate and was given a free hand to invade Iraq. He did so, and overthrew Saddam's regime in three weeks. "Mission Accomplished!"

That was 20 months ago. What is our mission now? When did it change? With 1,300 dead and nearly 10,000 wounded, why are we still at war with these people?


Bush warns of 'work unfinished'

Making the case for a second term

By Sean Loughlin
CNN Washington Bureau
Wednesday, January 21, 2004 Posted: 10:36 AM EST (1536 GMT)


Bush: "Terrorists and their supporters declared war on the United States, and war is what they got."

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Ten months before facing voters, President Bush used an upbeat State of the Union address Tuesday night to promote his stewardship of the nation at home and abroad and to call on Americans to stay the course.


Bush: US to 'Stay the Course' in Iraq

04 August 2005

President Bush
President Bush
President Bush says he will not be intimidated by videotape threats from al-Qaida's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is threatening more terrorist violence in London and more U.S. casualties in Iraq.

President Bush said the videotaped threats are meant to force the United States to pull its troops out of Iraq and abandon broader efforts to bring peace to the Middle East.

"He is saying, 'leave'. As I have told the American people, people like Zawahiri have an ideology that is dark, dim, backwards," said the president. "They don't appreciate women, if you don't agree with their narrow view of a religion, you will be whipped in the public square. That's their view. And they have tactics to help spread that view."

President Bush said he will stay the course in Iraq and complete the job there, only withdrawing U.S. troops once Iraqi forces are better able to handle more of their own security.


MAY 24, 2004

How Long To "Stay The Course" In Iraq?
Approval for the Bush Administration's open-ended commitment is eroding

How long will America's commitment to its Iraq mission last? In the year since the U.S. invasion, that question has received little scrutiny. For Republicans and most Democrats, the mantra has been simple: "Stay the course." With Saddam Hussein in jail and Iraq's potential as a haven for weapons of mass destruction neutralized, both parties willingly backed an open-ended troop commitment to install a stable, democratic government in Baghdad and, in Bush Administration dreams, throughout the Islamic world.


CAMP DAVID (ILNS) — President Bush once again mocked calls for U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq as “election-year politics from cut and run liberals who can’t seem to remember 9/11 so they would endanger our security and disrespect our brave men and women just to make personal attacks against me. It's bad policy. I know it may sound like good policy politically to some who would cut and run, but it will endanger our country to pull out of Iraq before we accomplish the mission, which is to stay the course. As long as we stay the course, we’ll leave that decision [of when to withdraw] to our military commanders on the ground."

Thursday :: Jun 22, 2006

White House "Stay The Course" Demand Dooms Vulnerable GOP Incumbents

by Steve Soto

As we suggested late last week, in the aftermath of the “success” in killing al-Zarqawi, Bush is back to Cowboy George mode with regards to Iraq, telling his troops in Congress to buck it up, start talking Victory in Iraq, and to bash Democrats who don’t share such “last throes” optimism as being quitters, unpatriotic, and worse. The New York Times runs a story today about how the White House and GOP are now grasping at making Iraq a campaign positive this fall, when just a few weeks ago the midterm election plan was to ramp down any talk of Iraq and to talk up the economy.


Staying the course? So did the Titanic!

Less than a year ago, George Bush spoke to reporters at the White House about his strategy for dealing with insurgency in Iraq.  In a moment of embarrassing bravado he snarled to the world: Bring ‘em on!    And guess what... they came.

They came from every quarter: the Shia who hated Saddam and the Sunis who supported him. They came from newly recruited terror groups, and from across unguarded borders. Roadside explosions and suicide bombs took their daily toll, and Iraq gradually spiraled into a region of greater and greater chaos and death.  Today, as new battles erupt each day, and no one knows for certain the face of the insurgency, the quagmire deepens.  Today, close to 900 coalition troops and thousands of Iraqis have died, and so very, very many have been maimed for life.


Stay the course, Bush says

Asserts reelection would bring gains in war on terror

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- President Bush said yesterday his reelection will ensure safety for Americans as well as for those in the rest of the world in the war against terrorism.

''After four years more in this office I want people to look back and say, 'The world is a more peaceful place,' " Bush told supporters at a community college in Iowa. ''Four more years and America will be safer and the world will be more peaceful."

In justifying having gone to war in Iraq, the president said: ''You can't just hope for the best. You have to lead."


The Independent October 28, 2003

Defiant Bush vows to 'stay the course'

By Andrew Buncombe

President Bush said the US would "stay the course" in Iraq yesterday as the latest wave of violence raised questions about America's timetable for withdrawal of its forces.

Mr Bush and officials sought to blame "desperate" insurgents for the bombings, claiming that America's success in rebuilding Iraq was motivating such attacks.

"The more progress we make on the ground, the more free the Iraqis become, the more electricity that's available, the more jobs are available, the more kids that are going to school, the more desperate these killers become," he said after a meeting at the White House with his senior administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer. "[They] can't stand the thought of a free society. They hate freedom. They love terror. They love to try to create fear and chaos." He added: "It's in the national interest of the United States that a peaceful Iraq emerges, and we will stay the course in order to achieve this."

Faces of Fallen

2,944  Total Fatalities

0 Musings / Your Musings
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Wednesday, August 30th 2006

8:15 PM

Do Fox News, and The Donald Know Something?

I found a couple items that we can have some fun with folks.  First, we all know that Donald Trump is a very shrewd business man, and he's always had a uncanny ability to read the proverbial tea leaves when it comes to changing horses mid stream........so, for those of you who keep a watchful eye on the FEC, and who is donating to who, I give you this interesting donation  from the DONALD.

Trump, Donald J
New York, NY 10022
The Trump Organization/President


Call me crazy, but looks to me like the Donald is sensing a SERIOUS change in the tide, and expects the Democrats to take back Control of at least the House, and perhaps the Senate as well.  As they say, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Then, we have this little antedote from FOX News (the Bush Network) that I find VERY INTERESTING. Either we have a friendly Democrat in site editting, or FOX News is also reading the tea leaves and doing a little pre-election forecasting of their own in the lay out of these pictures.  OUR John Hall is on top of the HEAP, with Sue Kelly second, and Rigger third (finishing above Judith, the Republican Lite candidate-AKA Katonah plant), and I'll not even mention the  last guy, who should have dropped out of the race a month ago.

javascript:newPhPop(0); javascript:newPhPop(1); javascript:newPhPop(2); javascript:newPhPop(3);
Click image to enlarge
New York Republican Congresswoman Targeted By Musician and Other Eager Dems
Monday, August 14, 2006
By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
WASHINGTON — If rock and roll were the answer, singer and songwriter John Hall would fill the bill for New York's 19th Congressional District.

Formerly of the band "Orleans," Hall, a community activist and former school board president and county legislator, has a bevy of old school musicians in his corner to support his candidacy for the Democratic nomination to take on Rep. Sue Kelly, R-N.Y., in November.

Pals including Jackson Browne, Rosanne Cash, Steve Earle and Nancy Griffith are performing a benefit concert for Hall in New York City on Aug. 20 as well as lending financial support.

But that's not all the multi-talented guitarist is banking on. Hall has received the nod from three of the five Democratic committees whose counties are part of the district. He said he believes voters want to hear about getting troops home from Iraq, better health care and energy independence.

"I just don't think you are going to get a six-term incumbent to stand of up for change," Hall said of the congresswoman. "All these issues are coming up at the same time, and the president and both majorities in Congress seem to be going about blithely — business as usual."


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Tuesday, August 29th 2006

10:01 PM

Momentum BUILDS For John Hall as September 12th Draws Near

John Hall's army of volunteers is growing with each passing day, and with that growth, his campaign is gaining momentum, a veritable JUGGERNAUT as we approach the September 12th primary.  Seeing the writing on the wall, it is rumored that Sue Kelly already has John Hall attack ads in production as she plans to run a typically vile and nefarious Republican Style campaign.

Meanwhile, the air seems to have leaked out of the other Democratic campaigners balloons as they see their chances of forward movement with the voters evaporating with each passing day...in fact, rumor has it that Rigger has started putting feelers out for a job in ANYONE's campaign between now and election day...guess his personal bills are starting to pile up?

Though Republican Lite Democratic wannabe Judith Aydelott came out of the gates early with impressive fund raising statistics (thanks to her close intimate Republican circle of friends at the elitist private Waccabuc Country Club), her campaign in the past month has FALLEN FLAT ON ITS FACE as voters have seen through her ruse.  Meanwhile, the other two candidates have yet to reach the $500,000 dollar benchmark necessary to be considered viable candidates.

Hall Campaign Rocks the Grassroots

19th CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NY -  John Hall’s Congressional campaign gains more momentum as the primary election draws near, with more than 350 volunteers joining the effort and criss-crossing the 19th Congressional district in a show of staunch support unmatched by any other opponent in the race.

Local Hall supporters are canvassing daily in their neighborhoods and joining Hall at supermarkets, train stations, bagel shops, post offices, community events, diners and elsewhere around the district—talking with voters, discussing the issues and making plans to win in November.

Earlier this week Hall attended two separate gatherings of activists in efforts to fight the NYRI power line proposal in Orange county.

The response to Hall’s strong voice for change has been overwhelmingly positive.

Les Boulton, a carpenter who is supporting John Hall and has been going door to door for the past three months, said, “I have never done this before, but I want voters to know we need John Hall in Congress and that they have to remember to vote on September 12th.” 

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Tuesday, August 29th 2006

12:52 PM

SUE KELLY on Iraq-WAR OVER, WE WON-Her Mission Accomplished MOMENT

From the Sue Kelly Poop Sheet, let me share with you Sue Kelly's own INFAMOUS MOMENT when, after having visited Iraq, she declares, "THE IRAQ WAR IS OVER, WE WON."  Stupid twit really needs a clue, and REALLY needs sent back home.  Time to let Katonah know that the 19th wants a voice in Congress that A) has a clue, and B) represents ALL VOTERS, not just Katonah voters...Vote for John Hall, a true democrat, and vote no for both Republican Sue Kelly, and Republican Lite Judith Aydelott.

Sue Kelly on Iraq-Mission Accomplished

Let's leave no doubts, the Wrong War in Iraq is going to be and IMPORTANT issue in the upcoming Congressional Elections, and we all know Sue Kelly supports the president's STAY THE COURSE plan when it comes to our soldiers dying in the desert sands of Iraq.  We all are familiar with George Bush's now INFAMOUS Mission Accomplished proclamtion on the deck of and aircraft carrier.  What many are not aware of because they recieved FAR LESS NOTICE in the press, is that Sue Kelly has what should be her own INFAMOUS COMMENTS on the war in Iraq.  Let's take a look at some of her proclamations on the war, and provide some commentary on them.

Sue's first comment: 

Representative Sue Kelly, who has just returned from visiting Iraq as part of a U.S. congressional delegation, says she saw "a country that's coming back to life."

HMMMM....curious here Sue, just what do you consider coming back to life to mean? It is August of 2006, and more than ONE HUNDRED IRAQI's a day are dying from insurgent attacks!  Having seen the pictures from your PHOTO OP IN IRAQ, it's obvious you did not bother getting out of your SAFE LITTLE CACOON, but instead chose to take the George Bush Propaganda tour as offered.

Sue's second comment on the Iraq War:

Kelly (Republican, New York), who says she still has Iraqi dust on her boots, attested to the fact that farmers are tilling their fields and children are back in school. There is food in the stores and traffic jams in major Iraqi cities such as Mosul and Baghdad, she said. Although it is not being well reported in major media outlets, the elected official said, "the common ordinary life of Iraq is going on."

Just what does Sue Kelly consider the common ordinary life for Iraqi's is?  Civil war is raging in the streets, IED's are killing over 100 people on a DAILY BASIS, and it is not safe for children to go out alone, if at all.  Yet, we have Sue Kelly talking as if EVERYTHING IS HUNKY DORY?  Perhaps if she had bothered to get out of the Green Zone and take a serious LOOK AROUND, she might have had a different view on how the war was going, but from the pictures from her trip, it appears she was more interested in being PAMPERED and CATERED to while in Iraq.

Another Sue Kelly Classic MISSION ACCOMPLISHED statement on Iraq:

Kelly said the military war is over in Iraq with the coalition in "total command of the skies. We can move around at will in the country."

Read this woman's LIPS....THE MILITARY WAR IS OVER IN IRAQ!  If the GOD DAMN WAR is over Sue Kelly, then why have we not seen TROOP REDUCTIONS there.  Total Command of the skies...give us a break you ignorant twit, we had CONTROL OF THE SKIES before we ever put one boot on the ground in Iraq.  If as you say, we can move around at will in the country, why are our soldiers still being BLOWN UP BY IED's?

Sue Kelly on the PEACE BREAKING OUT IN Iraq:

"The terrorists are coming in from outside. They are being supplied, in a way, from outside...and what they are doing is trying to disrupt the peace which has broken out all over Iraq," according to Kelly.

So, Shite killing Sunni and Sunni killing Shite, police trained by our troops conducting targeted killings, yet there is a PEACE that has broken out all over Iraq?  Tell us Sue Kelly, did you even LEAVE THE GREEN ZONE, did you go any where in Iraq that was NOT SCRIPTED?

Again, Sue Kelly contends WE WON THE WAR IN IRAQ:

The other thing is, you heard someone mention the fact that we have -- actually, the war in Iraq is -- essentially, the military war is over. We won. We have total command of the skies. We can move around at will in the country.

AGAIN, the MILITARY WAR IS OVER, WE WON!  Ask yourselves America, do you feel like you WON?

Sue Kelly states Iraq is like Nebraska...MY GAWD, where is the APPLE FUCKING PIE?

Now that isn't reported, but that -- the common, ordinary life of Iraq is going on! When you fly over Iraq, you see people tilling their fields! It looks like Nebraska in lots of places.

Notice her emphatic excitement in that state....YOU SEE PEOPLE TILLING THEIR FIELDS! It looks like Nebraska in lots of places....GIVE US A BREAK.  Were you taking drugs while in Iraq?

According to Sue Kellly, everything should have been coming up roses (financially) by 2005...well, judge for yourselves:

We think by 2005 there will be a $5 billion surplus coming out of Iraq because the people are -- a lot of the people are educated. They're willing.


Visiting Iraq is Not About Having a Good Time...Get YOUR CLOTHES DIRTY SUE!

 Ever wonder just how VALUABLE some of these FACT FINDING MISSIONS that some of the members of Congress take are?  Well, Sue Kelly loves to make a big deal about the fact she's BEEN TO IRAQ, saw what was going on there.  Gauging by these pictures, doubt serious that she saw the REAL IRAG, saw the bloodshed, saw the dying...instead, she saw a pre-arranged PROPAGANDA MACHINE showing her what BUSH wants her to see, saw what BUSH wants her to report back to us.  They were on a freaking PAMPER MISSION, and the ones being pampered were the GALS OF CONGRESS.

The Congressional Delegation and Major General Petreaus pose before the 101st Airborne headquarters (a palace formerly belonging to Saddam Hussein)


The Delegation pose before one of Saddam's thrones and imperial murals before heading out for the day

The Congressional Delegation receive an initial briefing upon their arrival to Baghdad from Ambassador Kennedy and Lt General Sanchez


The bipartisan Congressional women's delegation arrive in Baghdad protected by flak jackets. (from left to right) Rep Sue Kelly (D-NY), Rep and Conference Chair Deborah Pryce (R-OH), Rep Darlene Hooley (D-OR), Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Rep Katherine Harris (R-FL), Rep Jennifer Dunn (R-WA), Rep Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Rep Carolyn McCarthy (R-NY)


*EPF409 10/30/2003
U.S. Congressional Delegation Says Iraq is "Coming Back to Life"
(Military war may be over, but not the war on terrorism) (910)

By Jacquelyn S. Porth
Washington File Security Affairs Writer

Washington -- Representative Sue Kelly, who has just returned from visiting Iraq as part of a U.S. congressional delegation, says she saw "a country that's coming back to life."



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Tuesday, August 29th 2006

12:41 PM

GET OUT THE VOTE...Online Poll Needs John Hall Voters NOW

Hi All:

Not sure who is putting out this little number, but we need to be IN ON IT.  When I visited the site, they had Rigger positioned in the NUMBER ONE position in the poll, so that may be telling, but it's simple to do this.  Go to the site, make your selections....making sure that John Hall is always your FIRST CHOICE, and push the SUMMIT BUTTON.  We need this WIN, as whoever is behind it plans on giving it to the press ON THE EVE OF THE ELECTION!

In short, the old SNOZE WE LOSE SCENERIO....someone is hoping to give their candidate a boost on the night before the election by claiming this INDEPEDENT poll shows their candidate the peoples choice.   (NOTE-the mailer of this poll is in PEEKSKILL government....as I said, DIGGER tricks?)


You are invited to make your voice heard in a new poll:


To participate, go to:


Please try it!  Your opinion is valued.  The final results will be


on 11 Sep 2006.  Be sure to cast your vote before then!

on behalf of BobBogen

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Monday, August 28th 2006

7:59 PM

Judith A. Aydelott, A Waccabuc Country Club Elitist?

Judith Aydelott has stooped to smear tactics in her FAST FADING run at securing the Democratic Nod to take on Sue Kelly in this falls Mid Term Elections.  Rumors are running rampant that her minions have stooped to spreading lies and deciet under the guise of conducting a PHONE SURVEY...get real, do you think voters in Westchester County can't see through your tricks?

As long as we are on the topic of tricks, let Judith answer honestly...Are you Judith Aydelott a member of the Waccabuc Country Club?  If yes, do you condone their ELITIST membership rules that keep any one out that the members deem to be and undesirable?  Perhaps Judith Aydelott could shead some light on just WHAT IT TAKES to be deemed undesirable in Waccabucs eyes?  Since Waccabuc's manager John Assumma has stated that even Bill Clinton would need sponsorship from a member in good standing, and additional letters of recommendation, I find myself wondering what the specific criteria are, and how Judith Aydelott qualified, and further what does her membership in this very private, exclusive, elitist, snobbish, wealth oriented country club say about her own values, what does it say about her abilities to REPRESENT ALL VOTERS in the 19th district here in New York.

We have had to deal with one lying two faced decietful money whore catering to the needs of the rich and elite in Sue Kelly...now, her neighbor (and friend?) wants to push voters into a situation of being stuck with a Katonah MONEY WHORE regardless of which way we vote (Democrat or Republican). We have had enough of Congress people that go to Washington with a RICH PEOPLE's AGENDA, and the Democrats need to tell Judith Aydelott to go crawl back under her caviar table at the Waccabuc, as we do not need her kind to represent us.

She needs to A) resign as a member (including her family members) from the SNOOT APPEAL Waccabuc Country Club, or B) end her race to represent Democrats this fall, and run back to her BLUE BLOOD Republican friends.

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Thursday, August 24th 2006

5:49 PM

Blogging John Hall To Victory

They say, KNOW YOUR ENEMY, so I was over on the National Republican Campaign site today snooping around as I always do.  Not surprisingly, they are about to LAUNCH a major campaign here in the bloggosphere called MyGOP...the purpose of this project is to get Republicans to put up blogs where they BRAG about their own efforts in funding raising, signing up voters, and working towards getting out the vote.  I bring this up, as WE CAN BLOG John Hall to victory in this election with not a whole lot of work.

A)  It takes all of about ten minutes to set up a blog about any subject in the world, in this case John Hall's getting elected to Congress.  There are numerous FREE sites on which to place your blog, including right here at www.bravenet.com so you should have no problems putting a blog up.

B)  The first thing they teach you about having a successful blog is writing about something you are very passionate about.  Well, if the concert this past weekend is any example, I saw at least 2,000 people who seemed VERY EXCITED about John Hall, and the after party gave me a glimpse of at least several hundred who are DEDICATED.  So, you write about John Hall, share your beliefs in him, share pictures you have from his events, or even post up press releases from his campaign headquarters.  In short, in just a few minutes each day you can put something up to keep your readers coming back DAY AFTER DAY between now and election day.

Now, advertise your blog...again, and EASY task to do.

1)  Email a link to your blog to all your family, friends and neighbors.

2) Put it out on a couple of Search Engines...again, something you can do FOR FREE.

THAT's IT...at first, you'll maybe see one or two visitors each day, and the more you tend to your blog, the higher the traffic flow gets...kind of like caring for a house plant in the kitchen window. We all need to do what we can, and BLOGGING is something ALL OF US can do for John Hall.  Now, one last little trick to help ALL OF US TOGETHER link up and drive our message out to the world here in the 19th district. 

LINK UP TO EACH OTHER.  A link is the URL to another site. It can be put on the side bar as a permanent link, or placed in one of your posts.  Let's say you start a blog, and you write that this article encouraged you to start your OWN BLOG.  You could then cut and paste this full article into your own blog, or just put my URL into your story.  You have just created a link, and links are a VERY GOOD THING, they help to establish ones GOOGLE ranking. 

Now, let me illustrate just how effective all this could be between now and election day.  Imagine if 200 of the folks from the concert this past Sunday evening all started blogs.  Yesterday, I had 358 visitors to my blog.  With two hundred of us, John Hall's message in some form and fashion would have reached and incredible 71,600 people!  THINK ABOUT THAT. over 70,000 chances to get out the word on John Hall, IN JUST ONE DAY.  Multiply that out times 80 days, and we are talking a whole lot of contact with our BLOG READERS.  Come on, LETS GET BLOGGING.

ONE LAST HINT...I already have an ACT BLUE account set up for John Hall, and if you visit the official John Hall site, he has one of his own.  Put a link to it in your headers, and use it frequently in your posts to encourage people to MAKE A DONATION.  I'd love it if you use my ACT BLUE link, but it's your blog, you can use mine, John Hall's, or go to ACT BLUE and start your own donations page, but make sure you give your readers a means by which to contribute to the cause.

*note-Any one supporting John Hall's campaign is free to post this message into their blogs, but all others, ESPECIALLY Republicans are forbidden to use my copyrighted materials.

The Republicans are planning on using the blogging world in this election cycle, and we have to be better at the game...read about their plans below:

A Challenge to Bloggers

Just when you thought things couldn’t any get hotter in Minnesota politics, nationally syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt  decides to throw down the gauntlet.

Congressman Mark Kennedy  is coming on strong in the Senate race, one of our best pickup opportunities this year. And Hewitt has decided to take it up a notch, challenging Minnesota bloggers to see who can raise the most money only for “a Senator Kennedy we can be proud of”: a national radio host, or Minnesota’s blog community? The indispensable Kennedy vs. the Machine blog  eagerly took up the challenge.

Who will win? Make your contribution , and list either Hewitt or KVM in the referrer field.

On a related note, we’re excited to let all of you on the blog know about MyGOP – the new tool where you can create your own website, with your photos, and your blog comments – and tell the world about the money you’ve raise, the volunteers you’ve recruited, and the voters you’ve registered. We’re not far from launching a leaderboard, so you can start some friendly competition of your own. Get a head start on the competition by starting your site today.

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Thursday, August 24th 2006

5:31 PM

Raising Money For John Hall

OK, I'll be the FIRST to admit that I know NOTHING about campaign financiing laws, so take this for what it is worth.  I was cruising internet news sites (as I often do), and found where some well known jeweler had designed a one off diamond kiss for the 100 Anniversary of Hershey Kisses.  It's going to be auctioned off online, so assuming it'll be sold on Ebay, or maybe not.  That got me to thinking, and I'm thinking we could have Ebay'ers for John Hall.

Imagine all of us finding something in our houses that is kind of cool and different, but that we ourselves don't really need, or want any more.   For instance, somewhere out in some cardboard box enshrined in plastic wrap I have a 12th century dagger that I inherited in my days of doing cataloging of Greek and Egypian artifacts some 25 or so years ago.  (Long Story in that one.)  We find ourselves ONE Ebay'er who is willing to organize it all, and then we auction the stuff off to raise funds for John Hall.  If we run the chance of putting people over the limits, we could even put a CAP on how high the price could go for any one item...think about it, we all get to swap OUR STUFF for NEW STUFF, and raise funds for the campaign all in one fell swoop.

Diamond Hershey's Kiss To Be Auctioned Off For Charity

http://www.clothesoffourback.org/Celebrity jeweler Neil Lane has created a special Hershey's Kisses design made of diamonds to celebrate the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the chocolate candy. Lane's seven carat pin is set with 755 diamonds and is worth more than $25,000. The design will be on the red carpet at the Emmy awards next weekend and will be auctioned off starting on the following Monday by "Clothes Off Our Back" with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to children's charities.
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Thursday, August 24th 2006

10:44 AM

A Bumper Sticker From the Campaign In Connecticut

Campaign are long tiring events, we need stamina to make it through, much like running in a marathon. You also have to have a sense of humor...to that end, I found this bumper sticker from the fight over in Connecticut, and thought I would share it with everyone.

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Thursday, August 24th 2006

9:49 AM

Sue Kelly-Weak on Morals, Weak on National Defense

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the blogger, and should not be interpreted as those of the John Hall Campaign, or John Hall. 

Why Sue Kelly is NOT Strong on National Security

Sue Kelly and the Rabid Right Wing of the Republican controlled congress want us to believe that you are ANTI National Security if you do not fully and completely embrace Bush's wrong policy of "STAYING THE COURSE" in Irag as the body bag count continues to grow.  Sadly, they are wrong, and Sue Kelly's blind support of the Iraq War is actually keeping us here in America from having true National Security.  As we approach the fifth anniversary of 9/11, as the death count of American Soldiers from the WRONG WAR IN IRAQ climbs steadily towards 3,000 lets crunch some numbers.

We are spending $8 billion a month in Iraq.
That would BUY A LOT of Homeland Security, could also go a long way towards reducing our nation's debt.
That's $2 billion each week.
Sue Kelly cut benefits to families, students and Senior Citizens by over 40 BILLION DOLLARS a year to provide BILLIONS in permanent tax cuts to the wealthiest ten percent of Americans, but with a famous Bush wink and a nod approves STAYING THE COURSE in Iraq.  She needs to be sent over to Bahgdad to spend a few weeks driving around town in a Hummer on IED patrol, maybe that would change her attitudes.
$267 million each day.
How many uninsured Americans could you provide HEALTH COVERAGE to with these kinds of funds?  Not Sue Kelly, she seems to be a war hawk who gets wet at the thought of our fine young fighting men and women dying in the desert sands of Iraq.
$11 million each hour.
At $25,000 a year, that is enough money to FULLY FUND the college educations of 110 young men/women each and every hour of the day, seven days a week.  In one year of the Iraq war, we could fund the college educations of almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION STUDENTS!
For what we spend in three weeks, we could make needed improvements in order to properly secure our public transportation systems.
Living here in New York, one would think Sue Kelly could see the wisdom of doing this...but then, it's highly doubtful that Sue Kelly is one for stooping to PUBLIC TRANSIT in her travels.
For what we spend in five days, we could put radiation detectors in all of our ports. And for two days in Iraq, we could screen all air cargo.
Let's talk REAL HOMELAND SECURITY HERE...Democrats have a very different idea of it than Bush and his cronies do.  For instance, with what it costs to wage the WRONG WAR in Iraq for one month, we could build a world class wall on our Southern Border, place 50,000 troops there, and stop the tsunami of illegal aliens  and drug smugglers flooding into America to steal our jobs, steal our social services...but then, we all know how much Sue Kelly LOVES CHEAP LABOR, seeing as she is a whore for the National Chamber of Commerce who OPPOSES raising the minimum wage.
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Thursday, August 24th 2006

8:07 AM

Sue Kelly's TAINTED MONEY TRAIL...We Need some Sleuths!

This just in from the SueKelly Poop Sheet, and feel compelled to post it here.  Whoever challenges Sue Kelly should spend some serious time INVESTIGATING her...starting with finding out her maiden name, and going clear up through going over her contributions with a fine tooth comb, and cross referencing them to some of these KNOWN SLEEZE BALLS. (Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham, Robert Ney)

Sue Kelly's MONEY is TAINTED Through and Through

IF you think  of Skunks in Congress, you QUICKLY think of Tom DeLay, Robert Cunningham and the mutt in Ohio, Robert Ney.  Cunningham has already been fully disgraced, crying before the cameras before he was dragged off to do some serious time as Bubba's Cell MATE.  Tom DeLay is doing every thing within his power to avoid the same fate, though I think eventually we will see him brought down in a blaze of glory..the BUG MAN gets SQUASHED...sounds like a good movie title.  Robert Ney is in some very serious water in Ohio, and I'd hazzard a guess that careful scrutiny would uncover some ugly skeletons in Mike DeWine's own closet.

We here in the 19th District of New York know the stories where Sue Kelly is concerned.  She is running ads that portray her as the Independent Voice in Washington, DC yet she voted with Tom DeLay's agenda NINETY PERCENT OF THE TIME.  She supports fully George Bush's Stay the Course mind set where Iraq is concerned, yet her web pages have erased all signs of her association with the Republican Party as she tries to distance herself from the stench.

Now, several blogs have suggested WE FOLLOW THE MONEY, so this morning over coffee I decided to do exactly that, letting my fingers (and mouse) do the walking over at the FEC (Federal Elections Commission)  I'm still in the very beginning of the A's as contributions are listed in alphabetical order over there, and it DID NOT TAKE LONG to find the foul, fetid and repugnant stench of a very disturbing pattern...where you find Sue Kelly, you usually find some or all of the HORRID THREE of Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham and Robert DeLay.  Say what you want, but if you are sleeping in the same bed with the devil, at some point you probably curl up with him and do some spooning.  Take a look and tell me if you see the same patterns that I am seeing here.

Other Candidates/Groups Supported By ACE INA
ALLEN, GEORGE-Who just made a RACIST REMARK towards indians.
DOLE, ELIZABETH H-Here's a RABID right winger if ever there was one.
HATCH, ORRIN G-Dinosaur who needs to go.
NEY, ROBERT W-COME ON, you had to see this one COMING.
SPECTER, ARLEN-Another crusty dishonest official who is the Ill. version of Sue Kelly.
Other Candidates/Groups Supported by Lehman Brothers
DELAY, THOMAS DALE-OH GEE, it's the BIG D...the one Sue Kelly ADORES.
LOTT, TRENT-Hmmmm....wasn't he RACIALLY insensitive?
NEY, ROBERT W-WOWSERS, there's Sue's BUTT BUDDY again.
Other Candidates/Groups Supported by Aetna
DEWINE, RICHARD MICHAEL-My Mom knew this guy...serious SLEEZE.
HATCH, ORRIN G-Orrin and Kelly pick fruit from the same trees A LOT.
LIEBERMAN, JOSEPH I-Mr. Republican Lite
LOTT, TRENT-Close friend of George Wallace?
Other Candidates/Groups Supported by AFLAC (the duck folks)
BACK AMERICA'S CONSERVATIVES PAC (BAC PAC)-GEE, seeing any patterns folks?
DELAY, THOMAS DALE-Mr. Indicted Tom DeLay, Sue's LOVER BOY
NEY, ROBERT W-We have the TRIPLE CROWN-Ney, DeLay and Cunningham
Other Candidates/Groups Supported By Alliance
ASHCROFT, JOHN D-OH, here's a winner....NOT
BUSH, GEORGE W-Had to throw this bum in...he needs IMPEACHED
HATCH, ORRIN G-This guy gets around as much as Sue Kelly does.
NEY, ROBERT W-Sue Kelly and Ney sniff a lot of the same butts.
Other Candidates/Groups Supported By Allied Capital
LIEBERMAN, JOSEPH I-Sue's OTHER Independent Voice in Washington
NEY, ROBERT W-GEE...these DOGS do hunt in a pack...whoops, PAC
Other Candidates/Groups Supported By Allstate
DELAY, THOMAS DALE-Just how tainted is Sue Kelly's money trail?
HATCH, ORRIN G-This man is a serious piglet...another PORK lover like Sue Kelly
NEY, ROBERT W-Where DeLay goes, so goes Ney and Kelly
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Wednesday, August 23rd 2006

1:01 PM

Darren Rigger Needs to PACK UP HIS TENT...He Knows This

Having received a scholarship to attend Georgetown University, it would seem obvious that Darren Rigger is and intelligent man...unlike some, not going to tag him with the young man label, as he is closing on 40, and that means staring middle age in the eye.  So, why can't this seemingly bright man realize that HE HAS LOST, that he is NOT going to win the Democratic nod to take on Sue Kelly in the November race for the 19th Congressional District seat?  Only guessing here, but I am guessing stubborn pride is keeping him in the race, but in doing so, he is HARMING the Democratic chances to send Sue Kelly down to defeat.
On one National Site, I found this graph, and putting it mildly, Rigger seems to have little appeal for the MAJORITY of voters.
Rate this Candidate

Thumbs Up - 72/223  (32%)
Thumbs Down - 151/223  (68%)
THUMBS DOWN of 68 percent puts him in league with George Bush when it comes to being and unpopular American.  Not trying to demean the man here, but I can see why he's polling so horribly...for instance, the night he SHOWED UP LATE for a meet the candidate event because he was otherwise occupied...DIGGER, you cannot serve two masters, and you are wanting to keep your fingers in the Campaign management pie, while testing the waters for a run on your own...stick to campaign management, you are better suited for it.
Do your reputation, and the Democratic Party a favor, and fold up your tent.  Choose who you want to support, and lend your knowledge to them, as you are NOT GOING TO BE THE MAN.  The young high school principle...forget about it, Sue Kelly would eat him for lunch. You do not seem the type to endorse Republican Lite, so that leaves Sue Kelly's neighbor and Republican plant out of the mix...who is left?  I know you have made some NASTY and uncalled for remarks where John Hall is concerned, but have you actually sat down and TALKED TO THE MAN?  If you fold up your tent now, and endorse John Hall, this primary is OVER, the 12th amounting to nothing more than official coronation of him as the Democratic choice to take on Sue Kelly.
You know the game here Rigger....if we can wrap this primary up now, ALL OF US can start concentrating on DEFEATING SUE KELLY in November, and those EXTRA WEEKS are crucial to our success.  So, what is it going to be...your own personal EGO TRIP and PRIDE, or a man doing what is best for the party...it is time for you to show the true metal of who you are.
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Tuesday, August 22nd 2006

7:06 PM

It NEVER Hurts To Ask

We all have our hereos, each of us has a musician or a song that touched our souls.  My wife LOVED this past weekends event, as she had a connection to the music of Jackson Browne, it got her through lost loves and kept her company many of nights when she stayed up late studying for exams at Sarah Lawrence.

Someone who's music I always related to was Bob Dylan, he wrote passages that spoke to my own soul, contributed in some way to my own actions as and activist in my younger days when I lived out in rural Ohio.  Glancing through my on line web sources tonight over on my Porgie Tirebiter blog I came across and article about Bob Dylan, and had to dig through my CD collection and put something on...am I the only one who misses the good old days of LP's?  The slip covers gave each and every one of us a collection of art suitable for framing and in my youths many album covers decorated the walls of my earliest hovels.

Any way, before I start rambling down memory lane on some sentiment journey, let me get to my point.  Bob, if you are out there, or if your agent or someone that knows you happens to see this post, I'd love to ask you a favor.  I have a funky old Victorian here in Peekskill, which is a bit over and hour from Woodstock.  My wife and I live a fairly simple life, cannot offer any guest more than a comfortable bed, some great food, a sampling of wines, and all the conversation they wish to handle. That being said, wondering if you have checked out John Hall, and if you have checked him out, is there any chance I could talk you into stopping by my house for a relaxed evening with some of his supporters in the way of a fund raiser?  Before you asked...no, have not talked to John Hall's campaign about this, not even sure how many people would show up, or how much money might be raised, though I would pass around one of my hats...never been to proud here to ask for help.  I just thought I'd ask, throw it out into the universe and see if maybe the cosmos might send me back a gift.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, drop me a note at yardwhisperer@aol.com

Bob Dylan is pictured on the cover of the September 2006 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Dylan says the quality of modern recordings is "atrocious," and even the songs on his new album sounded much better in the studio than on disc. REUTERS/Handout

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Tuesday, August 22nd 2006

4:29 PM

The MONEY TREE...reality of raising Funds for John Hall

It's my belief, that to defeat Sue Kelly in November, we need to raise at least THREE MILLION dollars to compete against her PAC driven WAR CHEST.  Leave no doubt about it, this women sucks at the teat of SPECIAL INTERESTS, and spends serious money wining and dining the DEEP POCKET donors of her party.  If you look at the money graft that I found on her spending on Congressional Elections, the one with the MOST MONEY wins...sad commentary on our political system, but far too often it is the truth.

Source: Federal Election Commission
Source: Federal Election Commission

Even in 2002 she spent almost a million dollars despite no competition to speak of, and out spent the Democratic Party in 2004 by a ratio of over 6/1.  John Hall is off to a good start, but if we are going to upset Sue Kelly's turnip wagon, we need a lot more people joining in and making donations.  PLEASE, click on the Bloggers for John Hall link on my side bar and make a donation to his campaign through my ACT BLUE site...we can win this seat, and in doing so be one step closer to taking back Washington, DC, but only if each and every person reading this blog does their part.

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